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Saline cowpea method of this kind of souse is common practice is compared in Sichuan, basically be to save cowpea and the taste that change cowpea, and the cowpea flavour after souse is much better the taste that fits Sichuan person. Saline cowpea souse when, need cuts cowpea paragraph, prepare the condiment such as garlic and ginger, salt to be put into sealed jar together next inside, put a week the least ability is OK edible, it is otherwise won’t of tasty.

The making method of saline cowpea

Wash cowpea clean first above all, accuse to do water. Cut next small-scale (cowpea had better choose tender cowpea, bloat in that way the cowpea mouthfeel that come out just is met bright fragile)

Garlic, Jiang Qie reserves into end. If you like to eat hot also can add bit of chili, what I use is the chop chili that has bloated.

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Make the salt that dish measures at many o’clock at ordinary times, go in ready burden next mix is even.

Load clean container, last drop enters a few liquor, to prevent released gas from pastry, use first so last film seals opening, screw next cap, put bottle in 3 days of on two delicate acerbity cowpea such as shady and cool place butA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Above desk.

The making method of saline cowpea


The cowpea that adds water to bloat with jar is least a chapel, and the smelly beans that still can make cowpea becomes one jar finally if the operation is undeserved

Cowpea sex pleasant, weak, lukewarm, put in; of classics of lienal, stomach ‘s charge to change wet and not dry intense, be good at lienal and not sluggish be bored with, for lienal empty wet stop to taste; commonly usedly to have harmonic usually referring to the heart, how to raise spirit, beneficial to enrage be good at heat of lienal, disappear is changed wet the effect; with benefit water detumescence advocate treat lienal empty to hold concurrently wet, feed little leucorrhoea of chip in of jalf congealed, wet chaotic, woman is overmuch, still can use at heat wet injury medium, vomiting and diarrhoea turns muscle.

1, the tantalum content such as the Potassium in cowpea, calcic, iron, zinc, manganese is very much, it is good alkalescent food, can counteract the soda acid inside body value, fight exhaustion, the person that agrees with to often have party, person of tall blood fat, person that likes to eat the flesh not to love to eat vegetable, can blow blow intestines, cleared system inside ” rubbish ” .

The making method of saline cowpea

2, the prandial fiber in cowpea also is to be in upper reaches in vegetable, prandial cellulose can reduce cholesterol, decrease diabetic the incidence of a disease with cardiovascular disease, can promote alvine peristalsis, have the aperient, effect that avoids constipation, can reduce the incidence of a disease of colonic cancer, rectum cancer. Especially big to big fish flesh for the modern of overfeeding, cowpea is a very good food that discharge poison.

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, rich vitamin C and folic acid are contained in cowpea, these two kinds support oneself1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Element can promote the synthesis of antibody, increase the capacity of airframe disease-resistant poison, especially earlier to be pregnant pregnant woman, now and then got chill cold, with cowpeaNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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This kind of food undertakes remedial wanting to surpass medicaments, the nerve that because lack folic acid,still can prevent and causes is in charge of development blemish, fetal deformation, because pregnant is inchoate, fetal development is in more sensitive phase, any medicaments will go against the formation of fetal organ.

4, the phosphatide in cowpea has stimulative insulin to secrete, the effect that adds candy metabolization. Very important to diabetic person vitamin — nicotinic acid is very much also, nicotinic acid to adjusting blood sugar is very important, it is natural blood sugar conditioning agent, it is diabetic person must want additional, and the vitamin that is forgotten the most easily by people, so, cowpea still is the good food of diabetic patient.

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