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In the life we can fluctuate everyday stair, do public transportation or the subway has crouched coarse, when making these motions the movement with respect to He Gong a sudden big stride forward resembled quite, forward lunge is the basiccer motion that we can make everyday, 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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And forward lunge also is compared master a movement easily, also do not need a few equipment to do when do auxiliary, want to use oneself free time only, a little place can do forward lunge take exercise.

The advantage of forward lunge

 The advantage of forward lungeOne, strengthen counterbalanceBecause ” Gong Bu ” unilateral undertakes, train a movement like other unilateral so (Unilateral Exercises) counterbalance of body of same can effective training, this and daily activity are more adjacent, conduce precaution gets hurt.

The advantage of forward lunge

2, shun rachis press press (SSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Pinal Loading)“Gong Bu ” it is normally taking dumbbell and so on to lean in the body with both hands double by, unlike is opposite like other fitness movement pressure of make it of rachis of the upper part of the body, so ” Gong Bu ” the gymnastical new hand that has no a foundation to body strength will be righter. Although we do not answer to shun rachis press press completely, because that does not have the muscle related decretal spinal column to become strong, but the person that has to once perhaps having at gymnastical novice still is should safe consummate, and also should let rachis reduce press press now and then (Deloading) with aiding restitute is mixed avoid overfatigue.

The advantage of forward lunge

3, aggrandizement core muscleCorrect ” Gong Bu ” should be to carry shirt erect, and the muscle of whole person also hasForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Tighten up accordingly, stability of sarcous of conduce aggrandizement core (Core Stability) , also moreShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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The fitness that good land prepares to deal with great weight trains. 4, improve coxal sarcous to applySome fitness personage cannot muscle of effective forging hip in order to stress ham muscle line, because,the likelihood is coxa ministry flexor (Hip Flexors) excessive tighten up, and correct ” Gong Bu ” can balance this excessive the condition that tighten up, improve coxal sarcous to apply thereby. Behavioral essentialsFrom the body erect leaveLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Only then, in the future of a side leg is removed, make the leg became place immobile in forward lunge before side leg; Hold the body erect, look up the knee joint that holds out hip joint of bosom, foreleg, knee joint and gambrel to show 90 degrees of hind legs and tiptoeLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Should point to the ground. Do how many forward lunge everyday appropriateAny movements need successive, everybody asks momentum of step up carry, generally speaking, can finish every time 100 forward lunge practice. Also won’t give a lot of sweat after training is over, most likelihood has bit of out of breath. Insist to do, the stair well that bright even somebody comes, also can become your private gym!

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