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Article introduction

In the life a lot of people like experienced do the splits particularly, because drill do the splits can drill the pliability of the body, and do the splits is to dance first essential technique, a lot of people are drilling of do the splits when1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Await, metropolis choice is in small when, because age jumps over small skeleton to jump over softness, age is so a bit older whenForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Await, experienced do the splits is more difficult, also compare have a hard time, how can just be so inside ten minutes practice becomes perpendicular do the splitsLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Ten minutes of practice become perpendicular do the splits

Do the splits often1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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In a lot of dancing, appear in wushu, institutional do the splits can let a leg become more slender. Do the splits has two kinds, one kind is horizontal fork, one kind is perpendicular fork. Among them horizontal fork is relatively easy, OK and crash, and the skill that horizontal fork needs for some time. Although vertical stroke is forked easy, but after period of time is not experienced, cannot issue fork likely, but once horizontal fork will go down, won’t rebound.

The crash method of perpendicular fork introduces below:

Attention: Need is wearing comfortable dress and pants.

Method / measure

1. above all, first1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend
Do warm up activity, first skip 5 minutes, also do not want too quickly too slow, maintain a heartbeat to be between 110~130, next, the waist of the body, knee, neck these 3 place rotate, loosen muscle of body of one private parts, prevent to be pulled.

Ten minutes of practice become perpendicular do the splits

2.Try to put the leg comfortableFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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The height that become, window, wall. General the proposal of 16 years old of above uses static control a standard: Maintain the leg press 30 seconds, change another leg again, every leg presses the left and right sides 5 times.

3. pulls the ligament that uses the body in the round, after all movement of do the splits needs each ligament cooperate, use likewise static control a standard, the principle that presses a leg is: Acid is added painful decrease. Can hurt ligament otherwise.

4. tries to set upright fork stage by stage then, the foreleg is fixed, hind leg gradually in the future is mobile. The attention is prevented slippery.

5. horizontal fork needs enough psychokinesis, you need to look for a young associate to help pressure, horizontal fork can help you open hip department, it is orchestic no matter beautiful and flowery, still be the law of dazzle cruel leg of wushu, need to open hip department.

Ten minutes of practice become perpendicular do the splits

6. drills proper time succeeded, success hind does not abandon a practice, want to perserve, can challenge a ligament of taller difficulty, do not want bureau be confined to 180 degrees.

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