Great mind defeats solution to exceed an opportunity ” super Maliao the world ” union ” rush dead bird “

 Recently, what the SethBling of famous game video author on YouTube succeeds is broken saw SFC play ” super Maliao the world ” . Succeed its with ” Flappy Bird ” union is together, was born the fly Maliao of a wind restoring ancient ways.

In the whole process that defeat solution, the most conspicuous is the means defeating solution of SethBling undoubtedly. He does not have have the aid of any exterior tools, used a few of game itself small loophole merely, successful open the BootLoader of game writes mode.

After open Bootloader mode, he wrote a paragraph of small program in past game cassette and move successfully. Full height defeats solution process to cost about 1 hour or so, relying on assiduous extremely guest spirit, sethBilng completed this one as dry as a chip process.

This paragraph of program can let SethBilng Maliao flies in that way freely like Flappy Bird, do not pass or should sheer all the way conduit. All material that program place uses all are taken from ” super Maliao ” oneself, and need not additional cassette can move, must admire play high people imagination and perseverance ah!

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