Small letter punishs severely date of Zhang of 4000+ small letters / group severe blow violates contraband sale

Government of small now letter is announced ” about handling small letter individual account is released ” illegal contraband ” the announcement of sale information ” , violate compasses behavior to undertake determined processing, severity is hit to breaking the law. Small letter expresses, account of small letter individual is released with any forms, reveal, transmission is of all kinds ” illegal contraband ” of sale information, country of uniform according to is relevant the requirement of legal laws and regulations, and ” license of software of Tecent small letter上海千花网龙凤论坛

and service agreement ” , ” account of small letter individual uses a standard ” regulation, inspect violate compasses is serious degree, adopt type of a flight of stairs to punish a mechanism: To violating compasses content, once discovery deletes content namely, and; of circle of friend of screen small letter is right violate compasses account, will inspect a clue to undertake to this small letter account warning, limitation or taboo part or all function, account is sealed stop reach permanent stop condemnatory; to violating compasses small letter group, will inspect a clue to undertake function or Feng Qun handle; to will undertake sealing banning handling to violating compasses link limitative use, and announcement handles a result. Arrive from January 2019 now, small letter informs against data through the user, check 上海千花网交友

affirm — add up to to 2800 many release ” illegal contraband ” the small letter account of sale i上海千花网论坛

nformation undertakes type of a flight of stairs punishs; to be opposite 1200 many release ” illegal contraband ” the small letter of sale information group undertake type of a flight of stairs handles; to be opposite 900 many release ” illegal contraband ” of sale information. Violate account of individual of small letter of compasses give typic上海贵族宝贝论坛

al examples to must not be released, reveal, transmission is of all kinds ” illegal contraband ” sale information, include but not be confined to is the following give typical examples: The part is handled 上海千花网龙凤论坛

” small letter account ” give typical examples: Center of small letter safety reminds: The citizen violates contraband in the sale on Internet, according to the clue serious degree, will get ” criminal law ” ” public security management punishs byelaw ” the punishment that waits for relevant law laws and regulations. The user carries individual account, group, the product function such as friend circle releases information of illegal contraband sale to belong to violate compasses behavior; to help a friend be in friend circle, small the behavior that believes gr爱上海同城对对碰

oup of transmit conduct propaganda to promote illegal contraband, once appear problem, carry out the person that sell square, transmit all needs to assume administrative punishment likely.

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