CCTV says Fan Zhendong hopes the world pings contest gains the championship most expect he erupts at an early date

Login register CCTV of text of news of sports of center of news of the network austral Fujian to say Fan Zhendong hopes the world pings contest gains the championship most expect he erupts at an early date origin: ? Detain  thoroughfare?2017-05-16 15:1Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 3 Http:// channel

Beijing time on May 16, CCTV-5 ” sports morning paper ” broadcast the report o爱上海龙凤419桑拿

f character special subject of Fan Zhendong of Chinese ping-pong team. Fan Zhendong won championship of male ping world cup when 19 years old last year, it is the star of the hope with Chinese male the at present biggest group. CCTV says he is long to take the brunt that to Dusaierduofu world ping surpasses male single champion most in 4 large main force, expect he comes true in Dusaierduofu erupt.


In April of the middle ten days of a month surpass without Xi Yajin, fan Zhendong defends him below the circumstance of adversary accidentally drop this line, in the conquer in male single final Ding Xiangen wins championship finally, such achievement let drill team be full of confidence to him. And in later close in assemble for training, fan Zhendong does not have a bit loosen, who must his practice compare firm.

CCTV is being interviewed in, encoun爱上海同城手机版

tered total coach Liu Guoliang to be below the condition that if where to lag behind for the most part,knows Fan Zhendong by chance, distribute land handholding state of mind go all out. Wang Hao is coaching at that time Fan Zhendong, liu Guoliang comes over to serve for Fan Zhendong personally, make him experienced be pulled backhand linear. Before that Fan Zhendong is done very well, but should have photograph he is patted in close quarters like 上海夜网

camera lens, he immediately nervous many, several balls join served to cast the net directly, liu Guoliang says jokingly: “Be the CCTV gives you pressure? Be still me is power too great give you too much pressure? Be still me is power too great give you too much pressure??

2-8 is backward, how should seek branch? Liu Guoliang imparts on the spot recipe: “Contest key moment, no matter outside interference has how old, the heart is not had by look for, cannot take aim, carry the hand has! Your psychology one confused, you hesitate, (on the hand) the ball runs for certain. (on the hand) the ball runs for certain..

Fan Zhendong expresses: “I this age, when training, have to drill enough, eat sufficient, practice arrives the intensity that is close to actual combat, just may accomplish in the match so do not go model changeless model. ” besides ability of practice a ball game, the physical ability training of high strenth also is the course that must want to finish everyday. This world ping surpasses Dusaierduofu is Fan Zhendong of 20 years old the 3rd attend individual life ping to surpass, CCTV says: “As one of 4 absolutely brunt, he may be the team member that longs to gain the championship most. This is the first of cycle of new Olympic Games top class contest, small fat feel to beat all adversary to gain the上海龙凤论坛

championship, just calculate the biggest challenge. He is very excited also very expect. He is very excited also very expect..

Fan Zhendong says: “Wait for the thing that come actually, it is true in one’s hand, so strong without so happy feeling. If can become their mate truly,I feel, go conquer they, also be a very big affirmation. ” CCTV reporter is considerate say: “A few this years we are paying close attention to Fan Zhendong’s achievement all the time, he has a success to also have a setback. His cherish dreams, he is in hard all t上海同城对对碰交友社区

he time. All of us and Fan Zhendong are actually same, awaiting him one day. ” (Red)

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