Flower 50 thousand can you buy low fair rent a house? Beijing lives build appoint: Do not be duped!

Hold a relation in the palm to you can buy safeguard house? Beijing lives build appoint: Do not be duped!

? Recently, masses lives to Beijing build appoint the information that report receives safeguard room qualification to do 爱上海同城

sth for sb, claim to spend 50 thousand yuan to be able to do sth for sb qualification, enter ahead of schedule, still can buy low after 5 years fair rent a house! Have this thing really? Beijing lives build appoint earnest c上海千花网交友

lew you: Do not be duped!

Why so say? Because be in Beijing is such application safeguard rooms at present:

1, application is general it is OK to rent a house nearby arrives census register seat is street agency (government of people of villages and towns) housing safeguard window has application. Application of safeguard room qualification is very convenience, do not collect fees, need not ask other to do sth for sb. Since last year, the material that Beijing will file to ensure a room to refer simplifies greatly, need not submit 5 data such as contract of social security, pay taxes, labor, obtain employment, unemployment again. Share through waiting for sectional data with accumulation fund of tax of public security, civil administration, land, housing, social security, accomplish hard make masses little run road.

2, application is general hire a room to should adopt market native place, area and city form 3 class examine and verify, undertake in market native place and area fair show, material is neat of devoid problem, left and right sides of below normal circumstance 2 months can put on record successful. Process of examine and verify all is finished automatically by the system, nonexistent person is th上海同城对对碰交友社区

e likelihood that changes outcome of examine and verify.

3, position of source of the public house that rent a house, hire, amount, door model wait for fundamental condition to be made public entirely transparent, fair hire a room to register reach shake size time is in my appoint, each area lives build appoint, net of official of room canal bureau and net of official of center of city safeguard room will be seasonable announcement. Carry out duty to live now evenly, in principle has this area census register only or work in this area ability is optional room. But thing town resident can choose a room in outskirt. After room source has上海千花社区

a requirement, we are met according to before shake ordinal announcement chooses order order room. 爱上海同城对对碰


4, guarantee range to expand further, beijing lives this year build appoint began in succession what do not have room family in the light of this city is special deserve to hire, the book is not Beijing that includes this city census register to also include to accord with a condition without room family namely ” new Peking Man ” , face the family that do not have a room special deserve to hire not income of examine and verify, and apply for to register on the net, need not the spot queues up.

Accordingly, beijing lives build appoint refute a rumor technically recently, the most important thing says 3 times: “Fair hire a room not to sell, fair hire a room not to sell, fair hire a room not to sell ” , to flicker m上海夜网

asses, pretend to hand in 50 thousand, after be being entered, can buy low fair the person that hires a room, need not appraisal, it is cheater certainly! (CCTV reporter Yang Xiao)

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