A of sprint of the division in sunshine: Fluctuant and obvious fact accuses outstanding achievement the person ever took up company capital

Chinese net finance and economics dispatch sunshine is medium on July 6 division (Fujian) Inc. of the sources of energy (the following abbreviation ” the division in sunshine ” ) in card inspect meeting website published book of raise capital by floating shares recently, the company plans to do poineering work at reaching place greatly board what issue publicly is new a share that reachs company shareholder to make public put on sale is total do not exceed 73 million, the total c上海同城对对碰交友社区

apital stock after issueing does not exceed 292 million. The orgnaization protecting Jian of this second IPO is the division in sunshine country golden negotiable securities.

As we have learned, this IPO plans the branch in sunshine collect capital 400 million yuan, draft invest in project of product line of intelligence of solar battery of monocrystalline silicon of new-style and efficient multipurpose and center of research and development of solar battery of efficient brilliant silicon.

The data shows, the division in sunshine produces business as the solar battery, basically p阿爱上海同城

ursue the research and development of brilliant silicon solar battery, production and sale, and the construction of power station of Guang Fufa of distributed solar energy and operation business. 2014-2016 year, the company realizes battalion to receive 185 million yuan respectively, 146 million yuan, 204 million y上海夜网论坛

uan, profit of net of the corresponding period is eight million and fifty-seven thousand nine hundred yuan respectively, thirty million one hundred and eighteen thousand seven hundred yuan, twenty-nine million two hundred and twenty-seven thousand six hundred yuan.



Book of raise capital by floating shares shows, the client of the division in sunshine is spent centrally taller. 2014-2016 year, the company is forward the sale of 5 clients is 154 million yuan respectively, 137 million yuan mix 151 million yuan, occupy the scale that sells amount in those days to be respectively 83.46% , 94.07% with 74.10% . Explanation of the division in sunshine says, main reason is choosing enterprise of bibcock of smooth hot season to undertake cooperative at the company, amount of bibcock industry product requirement is large, the company is produced can dimensions is lesser, cause a client to be spent centrally taller. But with Guang Fulong the collaboration of head enterprise conduces to those who make sure the division in sunshine is taller producing can utilization rate, call in i上海龙凤论坛

n time payment for goods, reduce financial risk, also be helpful for a company increasing line of business inside famous degree.

The division in sunshine returns the risk that hints in book of raise capital by floating shares battalion carries capital is not worth. 2014-2016 year each year end, liquid assets decreases the division in sunshine the amount with indebted flow is respectively – 7, five million two hundred and forty-five thousand four hundred yuan, – 4, one million seven hundred and eight thousand five hundred yuan are reached – 14, seven million two hundred and seventy-seven thousand six hundred yuan, battalion carries capital assumes the position with net indebted flow. Explanation of the division in sunshine says, because the company is located,the industry belongs to capital concentrated model industry, proportion of long-term capital fund is higher, cause company battalion to carry capital is not worth. Cash of management activity of the family in sunshine flows enough, in the meantime, also planning actively optimize indebted reach structure of rights and interests, promote long-term loan and scale of capital of rights and interests, but at present, insufficient 上海夜网论坛

problem still meets battalion carry capital cause adverse effect to the liquidity of the company.

Book of raise capital by floating shares shows, share of the division in sunshine changes before making, the circumstance that existence company capital is taken up by Xu Xinhu of effective control person. 2014 end, the division in sunshine includes Xu Xinhu of effective control person in receivable Zhang money twenty-four million and forty-six thousand six hundred yuan receivable money. 2015 year, this money calls in entirely.

From the point of equity structure, xu Xinhu is direct the division in hold sunshine the equity of 45.66% , pass south An Baiyu is indirect hold the equity of 0.96% , aggregate hold 46.62% , control a partner for the company; The division in allowing sunshine of glorious and direct hold the equity of 13.70% . 2 people are aggregate hold 61.17% , control a person actually jointly for the company.

The data shows, the division in sunshine hanged out his shingle formally on August 12, 2016 new 3 board, adopt an agreement to transfer pattern. The company was entered in November 2016 appear on the market coach level.

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