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Evaporate onion water is a when treat cough small folk prescription, curative effect is distinct. Arrive change garments according to the season, dot if catch cold catch cold or virus infection, can cause cough, have a fever wait for disease. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, development of child internal organs of the body is not perfect, be invaded unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease easily by wet poison. Treat side-effect via commonly used Western medicine bigger, accordingly, if the child often coughs,can try evaporate onion water.

What does the effect of evaporate onion water have

The effect of evaporate onion water:

, remedial infant coughs

Element of garlic of the puissant material that fight bacterium is contained to wait in onion, it is certain to have to respiratory tract inflammation exterminate action, contains volatile material also can the action that action coughs at the town reaching since cough centre. Particular way: Onion decorticates chop, put into boiler together with commensurate white sugar, boil concentrated juice with medium baking temperature, drink every time arrive two spoon, a day of 3; onion goes cortical, section puts evaporate of bowls of big rice cooker that receive report, water is not added inside the bowl, onion boiling water is drunk after evaporate is good, go to two, section of a day of 3; onion, putFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Enter honey, quiet place one in the evening, oozy liquid is taken to the child, one spoon, a day of 3 second; lap with gauze mincing onion, enclothe the throat in the child to reach wind point, also can restrain cough very quickly.

What does the effect of evaporate onion water have

2, remedial infant asthma

Onion can control the activity of histamine, and histamine can cause asthmatic allergy one kind just about the chemical material of shape, research makes clear, onion can make asthmatic fit machine rate reduces half left and right sides. Particular way: Onion steam comes half ripe, can purify laborious piquancy preserves sweet taste, extract juice with juicer next, 1 year old of the following and asthmatic little patients half spoon, a day 3, 1-3 year old little patient one spoon, a day 3. This kind of method not only can treat asthma, still can prevent asthma to break out again. If a bit more largish little patient, ulcer of short of oral cavity and enteron disease, if asthmatic fit is frequent, even butShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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With eating an onion raw everyday, stop asthma effect is more apparent.

3, treat child tympanitis

The plant alexin that contains in onion has very strong antiseptic capacity, take1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Affected part of onion juice apply treats fine of child tympanitis effect. Particular way: Onion cuts flake, wrap in the dolly in towel or hop-pocket, go out till juice current, the hop-pocket that has the package onion next is put in the child to have side auricle the front, hood a close-grained towel, tie up with the belt fixed, maintain for long as far as possible, when sleeping in the evening optimal, this moment, essence of life and sweet thing meet the easy naphtha that contains in onion to have the effect of sterilization into the affected part in pleasant to hear.

4, remedial child1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Catch a cold

Onion contains element of the vulcanization propylene of bitter taste, garlic to waitShanghai Long Feng forum

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, they have disperse the internal heat with sudorifics chill and exterminate cause the effect with microbial disease, have a cold when the child so when, can drink some of hot boiling water that boils with onion appropriately, can help the child sudoriferous, have remedial cold, antifebrile effect. If the child goes the symptom that showed n&v snuffle because of the cold, also can give birth to onion a place of strategic importance to enter nostril with one flake, can make nose very fast so expedite.

What does the effect of evaporate onion water have

5, cure is the anorexia that children infantile malnutrition due to digestive disturbances or intestinal parasites is accumulated and taste function difference causes, hidebound etc symptom

The laborious piquancy with onion peculiar place can stimulate stomach, bowel to digest gland to secrete, increase pulling force of gastric bowel path, stimulative stomach bowel wriggles, stomachic, promote digest, and onion is not contained adipose, what can reduce cholesterol is contain to contain sulfur compound in its essence oil, also can use at treating the symptom such as the child’s common indigestion, inappetence.

6, improvement eyesight

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, onion flavour pleasant, small laborious, sex is lukewarm, enter liver classics, have clear liver bright purpose effect. If often be used,use eye exceeding child soShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Cortical decoct water drinks onion can rise to reduce eye vitreous body certainly the muddy, function that improves eyesight.

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