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If live in the country, to corn straw be to had not been familiar with again. Corn straw is the place of the rootstock of corn. Basically use in the country previously make a fire, but the case that has contaminative environment so, still can treat as additionally feed. The fiber inside corn straw is exceedingly much, edible value is exceedingly poor, often use feed oxen and hores-beeasts of burden to wait for domestic animals. Corn straw is in respect of use of prospective new energy resources also is more extensive.

Corn straw has the value of edible

Make feed.

Actually corn straw need not be machined can be used as feed, it is the feed of flocks and herds all the time. And nearly two years, dimensions of flocks and herds breeds, a lot of people feel straw is bad to digest, and without pinkShanghai night net

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Makings using convenient, use no longer gradually so.

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Place so that somebody recalled way, alien learning a country is same, make straw grain. Straw course is machined again, in grain machine run next mature changing that change position, had alimental fragrance, so a lot of animals like to eat very much.

Corn straw has the value of edible

Make fuel.

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Besides can make it grain makes feed outside, this kind of grain still can be used as fuel. This is biologyShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Qualitative fuel. It is a kind of clean the sources of energy, also be to look preexistence bound each country does his utmost generally to popularize a kind of used the sources of energy. Probably, light the fossil the sources of energy such as gas to disappear when coal, oil, day when almost is used up, give birth to the world of corporeal the sources of energy namely.

Raw material fuel can choose straw not just, also can use carapace of deserted wood chip, block, makings playing role, earthnut, bagasse to wait all sorts of raw material a moment, come so a lot of resource got using. OK also this a variety of raw material are combined together, put into straw grain machine directly, direct suppress comes out.

Corn straw has the value of edible

Besides can make fuel, a lot of people regard adornment as straw. Be in the United States at this o’clock the family is very common. But be in our country very few, did not say more. Straw still can use papermaking. Anyhow resultFall in love with the sea

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Can great, won’t remain only absolutely burn this one road.

As a northerner, serve as to live in the person of mist haze day to winter, open-armed hope straw can be used rise. Probably the prime criminal that straw is not mist haze, but straw is used rising is a beneficial hurtless thing. Straw, make feed, make fuel,

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