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In recent years, more and more Chinese begin to like to go up salad. Salad is ringing and goluptious, and OK and compensatory vitamin, let a lot of people and not be a hand, but major person does not know how to make delicate salad, ISh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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People the tutorial that can go up according to the net, study through oneself, achieve delicate result through a few collocation that feed capable person, and can body and mind of take good care of sb, make us more healthy. So, what sauce does vegetable fruit salad use?

Vegetable fruit salad uses what sauce

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Salad puts yoghurt or salad sauce

OK. Yoghurt and salad sauce are similar, it is sauce of commonner fruit salad collocation, as to which better, see individual be fond of.

1, fruit salad puts the profit of salad sauce

It is the most general that fruit salad puts salad sauce, can add fruity flavor.

2, fruit salad puts the profit of yoghurt

Replace salad sauce with yoghurt very pretty good, the fruit acid in the fruit still is helpful for the calcium in yoghurt be being absorbed adequately to use.

Vegetable fruit salad uses what sauce

2, the way that fruit salad puts yoghurt

Feed capable person: Firedrake fruit, mango, watermelon, banana, yoghurt.


1, firedrake fruit cortical ream, mango husks go nucleus, and Ding Zhuang or lump are cut after flay of banana, watermelon.

2, prepare a yoghurt.

3, the mix in the fruit that pours yoghurt to had been placed is even can.

3, the way that fruit salad puts salad sauce

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Fruit of fruit, banana, watermelon, firedrake.


1, Ding Zhuang or lump are cut after waiting for fruit of apple, banana, watermelon, firedrake fruit flay.

2, put the apple into immerse inside weak brine, prevent oxidation to blacken.

Vegetable fruit salad uses what sauce

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In the bowl, drench on salad sauce can.

4, do fruit salad to use what yoghurt

Informal, the common yoghurt on market can put the agitate in fruit salad, if bright Mosley installs yoghurt, Yilianmuxi,yoghurt of yoghurt, unconscious Niu Chunzhen is to use 3 commonner kinds.

For the angle from nutrition, salad had better use the yoghurt of raw ingredient. If come from mouthfeel,say, can choose fruit bead yoghurt, mouthfeel of fruit bead yoghurt more diversity. And, if reducing weight, it is better to choose raw ingredient yoghurt, must not because of yoghurt of covet fruit bead delicate and abandon raw ingredient yoghurt, the yoghurt of former zoology not only more healthy, because this is double,thin body effect also is met.

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